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Conquer your toughest projects with Forklogic's versatile telehandler hire. We pride ourselves on providing forklift and telehandler hire options from leading brands like Manitou, Manitou Buggy, and Ausa, known for their unmatched manoeuvrability, power, and reach. 

Whether you're lifting heavy loads, navigating tight spaces, or tackling rough terrain, our telehandlers offer the flexibility and performance you need. Choose from short term or long term telehandler rentals, tailored to your project's specific demands and budget. 

Experience the Forklogic difference today and unlock a new level of efficiency from Australia's premier range of telehandlers combined with knowledgeable advice and customer support from Forklogic’s team.

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Construction Telehandler Hire

Boost your job productivity with Manitou's MTX625 telehandler. This diesel powered workhorse excels at tasks like pallet handling, unloading, and bulk material management, especially at lower heights.  

Its compact design and 4WD steering make it perfect for navigating tight worksites, while the ergonomic controls ensure operator comfort and efficiency. The innovative Joystick Switch and Move system allows for safe one-handed control, and the wide range of attachments further enhances the MTX625's versatility.

Whether you're working on a tight city site or a vast construction site, we have the perfect telehandler to maximise your efficiency and keep your project on schedule. Contact Forklogic today and let us tailor a rental plan that fits your specific needs and budget.

Manitou MTX625 Telehandler Hire
Manitou MTX732 Telehandler Hire

Compact Telehandler Hire

Tight on space, big on jobs? Forklogic's compact telehandlers are the answer for Brisbane businesses. These versatile machines excel in tight spaces, offering impressive lifting capabilities without sacrificing manoeuvrability. 

The Manitou MLTX732 telehandler is the perfect blend of power and precision for your Brisbane projects. Its Powershuttle 4 speed gearbox delivers seamless speed control, adapting to your exact requirements for optimal efficiency. While easy to use for both novice and experienced operators, this versatile telehandler boasts powerful 4WD and 4 wheel steering, ensuring you can tackle even the toughest job sites with confidence. 

Whether you're tackling a small job, or larger construction project, our compact telehandlers are the multi-tasking solution you need. The MLTX732 is a true workhorse, designed to maximise productivity for any project.

Telehandler Hire

The Manitou MT1335 telehandler is your ultimate all-rounder access hire for medium sized projects. Whether you're tackling a 2 to 3 story building in the CBD or a suburban development, this machine has the reach, power, and versatility to get the job done.

Equip the MT1335 with a bucket to handle bulk materials or a lifting jib to move heavy equipment in confined spaces, while the powerful motor with 4WD ensures you can conquer any terrain. With multiple steering modes for exceptional agility, a boom lift telehandler will quickly become your team's most valuable asset.

Expand your capabilities and unlock new possibilities with a boom lift telehandler from Forklogic.

Manitou MT1335 Telehandler Hire

Telescopic Telehandler Hire

The Manitou MT1840 telehandler is a powerhouse built to conquer all projects. With a lift capacity of a whopping 4000kg and a reach extending to over 17 metres, this telehandler tackles even the most demanding tasks on multi-story construction sites.  

Exceptional manoeuvrability, thanks to its high ground clearance and tight turning radius, allows you to navigate even the most intricate worksites with ease. Your operators will appreciate the MT1840's robust design, prioritising safety with features like a low-frame steel door and superior lateral and front stability. It had the ability to quickly switch between a variety of boom attachments, transforming it into the ultimate multi-purpose machine for any project.

Choose to hire the Manitou MT1840 telescopic handler and experience unmatched productivity, safety, and adaptability on your jobsite.

Manitou MT1840 Telehandler for Hire

Telehandler Servicing & Maintenance

We keep our telehandlers in top condition with Forklogic's comprehensive servicing and maintenance inspections. Our experienced technicians ensure peak performance, maximum uptime, and safety compliance for our telehandlers. So when you hire from Forklogic, you know your telehandler will be in optimal working conditioning.

Telehandler Hire Specialists Throughout Central Coast & Sunshine Coast

We provide prompt telehandler delivery across the Central Coast, Newcastle and Sydney regions on our in-house transport, to make sure we have control of the process and can guarantee your telehandler is delivered on time, every time.

Contact our friendly team at Forklogic on 1300 533 633 or complete our online enquiry form.

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