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Do you need local and trustworthy forklift hire, sale & maintenance in the Brisbane area?

Forklifts provide an easy way to transport heavy weights around your business whether it's stock around a warehouse or to move heavy machinery around as part of a fit-out or construction job. Forklifts come in all different sizes and fuel types each with their benefits. Whether it's forklift sale, hire or servicing Forklogic has a hire solution for you. Our team are your one stop shop for Brisbane forklift hire, sale and maintenance needs with our own trucks, drivers and service team we can take care of it all for you.

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All Fuel Types For Hire and Sale Brisbane

Forklifts come in a few different fuel types including, diesel, Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and electricity (lithium forklifts) each fuel type has its benefits and use cases.

LPG Forklifts\Brisbane

LPG forklifts are the perfect all-rounder combining the maneuverability and low emissions of a lithium electric forklift and the power of a diesel forklift they are the perfect jack-of-all-trades forklift. LPG forklifts are easily refuelled as all you need to do is switch the empty tank out for a full tank and you are good to go, this greatly reduces the downtime required for refuelling than what an electric forklift requires. As LPG forklifts release far lower emissions than diesel forklifts they can be used inside warehouses (as long as they are still well-ventilated). A downside of gas is that as a fuel it costs more in the long run than diesel however they make up for this through their lower emissions and manuverability.

LPG Forklift Brisbane

Diesel Forklift Brisbane

If you need power or have uneven surfaces around your work area look no further than diesel forklifts. Diesel forklifts provide the greatest power of all other forklift fuel types making them perfect for heavier loads, uneven surfaces and slopes. They also much like an LPG forklift have a far shorter downtime when refuelling them but as they run on diesel have exceptionally greater emissions that make them unsafe for indoor use. This all combined makes diesel forklifts the perfect rough terrain forklifts for heavy loads.

Lithium Electric Forklift

Lithium electric forklifts use lithium batteries to create an unparalleled nippy, quiet, emission-free, indoor forklift. Electric forklifts are far more maneuverable than both diesel and LPG forklifts and far quieter as they do not have a combustion engine making them perfect for tight indoor warehouses with minimal ventilation. However, as they run on electricity they can have far higher downtimes when recharging and need to be used close to a place where they can recharge limiting their range and operation time.

Forklift Hire Brisbane

Whether it's a one-off event or you don't have the cash to buy a forklift hire might be the way to go. Forklogic have a wide range of forklifts for hire to ensure we have a forklift for your needs. When you hire a forklift from us whether it's a short or long term hire our team will ensure it is in optimal condition to maximise running time and get your business running smoothly.

Forklift Sales Brisbane

Purchasing a forklift can save you big time in the long term when compared to hiring a forklift. As with a rental, you will have to continually pay for the forklift for the entire time you hire it this can lead to you paying more than what the forklift is worth. Therefore if you need a forklift for the day-to-day activities of your business and are going to need it for the long term then purchasing is for you. Forklogic offers a range of both first and second-hand forklifts in all fuel types for sale. We also offer forklift financing options as well as purchasing options for forklifts you have hired if you know they work for you. 

Forklift Accessories Sales & Hire

Forklifts aren't just for lifting pallets they can also be used for many other things such as rug prongs, bin holders, work platforms, bale clamps, drum lifters and tippers plus a whole lot more. Forklogic offers a wide range of forklift accessories for both hire and purchase so you can tailor your forklift perfectly for your needs. 

Forklift Accessories Brisbane

Forklift Repairs and Servicing

A broken forklift can grind your business to a halt costing you time and money. Regular forklift servicing will help ensure your forklift is in optimal condition and keep your business running as it should. Forklogic has a team of expert forklift mechanics who can help you with all your servicing and repair needs. Our team is your one-stop shop for forklift repairs and maintenance in Brisbane.

Unsure as to which type of forklift might suit your business contact our team today and we will work with you to determine which is best for you. Our team have a wide range of all types of forklifts ready to go to your Brisbane business. Our team of mechanics ensure your forklift is in optimal condition to maximise efficiency and uptime. For all things from LPG small forklift hire to large diesel all-terrain forklifts our team has a solution for you. Don't wait contact our team today.

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