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Are you after a scissor lift for hire or sale in Brisbane?

Ladders can be unsafe and risky when trying to reach high parts of your business and scaffolding can be clunky and expensive to set up and doesn't allow easy movement with it. Scissor lifts provide a highly maneuverable and safe method for an elevated working platform to let you get height access. Forklogic offers all your scissor lift hire and sale needs in Brisbane. We offer both electric and diesel options to give you access to heights up to 15m or 3 plus storeys. Our team can do it all.

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Why Hire?

There are many reasons why hiring is a great alternative to purchasing a scissor lift upfront. Firstly if your access needs change from job to job or you only require a scissor lift for a short period of time. Secondly, if you are unsure what type of system will work best for you, scissor lift hire lets you trial a few different options to work out which works for you and your business. Thirdly, is capital, capital can be hard to come by and if your business needs multiple scissor lifts the costs can rack up quickly whereas by hiring you can pay a smaller monthly fee while raising the necessary capital. Another great part of scissor lift hire is that our team takes care of all the maintenance and servicing needs of the lift, removing the stress of tracking services and reducing downtime if the system breaks.

Diesel Scissor Lifts Hire Brisbane

Diesel scissor lifts give you total freedom with both indoor and all terrain scissor lift units they give you an elevated work platform nearly anywhere. Diesel scissor lifts don't require a connection to mains electricity and don't have recharge times letting you go longer and reducing downtime waiting for them to charge. Forklogic offers both diesel all terrain EWP scissor lifts and indoor diesel scissor lifts for hire in Brisbane. Diesel scissor lifts are perfect for outdoor work or large industrial sheds where electricity is at a premium a downside though to the diesel engine is sound and emissions making them less desirable if you are in enclosed warehouses or office buildings. When it comes to diesel scissor lift for hire look no further than Forklogic our team also offers electric scissor lift hire.

Scissor Lift Hire and Sale

Electric Scissor Lifts Hire Brisbane

We have a broad range of electric scissor lift for rent from small scissor lift all the way up to 11-plus meter scissor lifts we have it all. Electric scissor lifts are the perfect elevated work platform hire solution for indoors or areas where sound and emissions can affect the other facets of a business. Electric Scissor lifts also have minimal emissions allowing your business to better minimise its carbon footprint. They are also far quieter than diesel scissor lifts however they are restricted in their range and run time and need to stay relatively close to a place they can charge from.

Why Buy a Scissor Lift?

Much like renting a home versus buying a home hiring a scissor lift over the long term can end up costing you more than purchasing a scissor lift up front. When hiring a scissor lift you are also limited about where you can use the scissor lift. buying a scissor lift can save you money but give you total freedom to equip the scissor lift with any parts to tailor it perfectly for your business and use case that hiring wouldn't let you. Forklogic has an extensive range of scissor lifts for sale with both diesel and electric drive trains to meet your access needs.

Scissor Lift Sales Brisbane

Forklogic has all your scissor lift sale needs we can get a lift that will meet your needs. We offer financing options so you can get a scissor lift today. we have a wide range of both new and used models and we can also offer financing options on a scissor lift you have been hiring for a while if you know it works for you.

Scissor Lift Servicing and Maintenance Brisbane

Much like your car scissor lifts need to be serviced regularly to ensure they are safe and operating properly. Regular servicing will minimise downtime and ensure your scissor lift meets workplace health and safety standards. Forklogic is your go-to scissor lift specialist and our team has a solution for you and your business. 

Contact our team today and we can point you in the right direction and work with you to work out whether buying or hiring is better and which lift is best for you. Forkloigic is your Brisbane elevated work platform specialist.

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