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We offer you day, casual, short or long term rough terrain or all terrain forklift hire and will have the perfect forklift to give you the traction, power, reach, and lift capacity to suit your project.

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  • Manitou
  • Manitou Buggy
  • Ausa
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What is a rough terrain forklift?

A rough terrain forklift is ideal for work on uneven surfaces such as grass, gravel, dirt, and sand. It has larger pneumatic tyres than a standard forklift that are designed to safely navigate irregular or soft ground surface.

This type of 'off road' forklift can be fitted with a standard verticle mast or a telescopic boom lift. The telescopic mast provides the added functionality of reach to allow the load to be retrieved or placed away from the forklift. This style of forklift is called a telehandler forklift. More information on our range of telehandler forklifts for hire can be found here - Telehandler Forklifts

Width and height of all terrain forklift

Due to the larger wheels, a rough terrain forklift may be wider than a standard forklift which may need to be considered if working in smaller areas. The height of all-terrain forklifts varies with each machine so let our hire team know the specifications if your job has height restrictions. 

Other aspects to consider when hiring a rough terrain forklift

Do I need a 2X4 or 4X4 forklift?

If you are working in an area with undulation or inclines, such as steep driveways, a 2x4 set up will usually be fine. However, if the ground is muddy or very sandy a 4WD all terrain forklift may be needed to ensure maneuverability and stability of the load.

What licence is required to operate an all terrain forklift?

A standard forklift license (LF) is required to operate an all terrain/rough terrain forklift.



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